7 March 2011

Sandefjord Cemetery, Norway, Part II

Master joiner (carpenter) P.L. Gade and his family.

The grave of my great uncle and his second wife.

I wrote about Sandefjord Church and Cemetery in a blog article on 9 June 2010. The cemetery is situated close to where my parents live, so I visit it quite often when I am in Sandefjord. A nice walk between my parents' home and "downtown".

Obviously, the Norwegian winter time is not the best time to visit a cemetery if the purpose is only to do genealogical research! But the cemetery has a kind of beauty also at winter, I would say. The photos were taken on 26 December 2010 (Boxing Day), and most of the close-up photos are of graves of shipowners.



  1. According to TV.com, American actress and mime artist Lorene Yarnell might buried in this cemetery under the surname, Jansson because she was married to Bjorn Jansson. Please check to see if any of the headstones have the surname "Jansson".

  2. She is buried at Sandar Cemetery in Sandefjord, not Sandefjord Cemetery. I will see if I remember to take a photo of it next time I am in Sandefjord (and after the snow has gone).